Fenton & Creve Couer

Photography & 4D Ultrasound imaging  along with Expectations ultrasound and 

Gender-Reveal-Party.com has joined with Sneak A Peak 4D Ultrasounds to offer in home and in facility ultrasound scans.

Gender-Reveal-Party allows you to have a memorable event in the Privacy of your own home. We offer 2D ultrasound imaging to find out if you are having a BOY or a GIRL.  Invite family and friends to join in. 

Sneak A Peek 4D ultrasounds provides a unique experience in our new facility.  We offer 2D/3D/4D/HD ultrasound imaging  to meet the needs of the expecting family and friends.  Parties of, up to 30 people are permitted with appointments. 

We are also working closely with a photographer to offer Pregnancy Photo's, Newborn Photo's, and Family Photo's.

And if this isn't enough, Come see us for Peek A Boo blood tests to find out if its a boy or girl as early as 6 weeks gestational age.


Child friendly facility

Medical offices frown upon bringing siblings. However, We encourage the bonding time for big brothers and sisters.