Fenton, Creve Couer, & soon O’Fallon MO

Photography & 4D Ultrasound imaging  along with Expectations ultrasound and 

Gender-Reveal-Party.com has joined with Sneak A Peak 4D Ultrasounds to offer in home and in facility ultrasound scans.

Gender-Reveal-Party allows you to have a memorable event in the Privacy of your own home. We offer 2D ultrasound imaging to find out if you are having a BOY or a GIRL.  Invite family and friends to join in. 

Sneak A Peek 4D ultrasounds provides a unique experience in our new facility.  We offer 2D/3D/4D/HD ultrasound imaging  to meet the needs of the expecting family and friends.  Parties of, up to 30 people are permitted with appointments. 

We are also working closely with a photographer to offer Pregnancy Photo's, Newborn Photo's, and Family Photo's.

And if this isn't enough, Come see us for Peek A Boo blood tests to find out if its a boy or girl as early as 6 weeks gestational age.


Who We Are

S Cowan "Can’t wait to come see her again!!!" G Johnson "Laura and her staff are absolutely amazing!" D Hurst "They eased all my little worries & made sure we got the full experience." 

real Sneak A Peek customers

All Registered Sonographers

Our team is family oriented with a passion for ultrasound and  Registered OB/GYN sonographers with years of experience dealing with high risk patients.  We bring those skills to offering the best care for your baby.  We love what we do and it shows!  It is an honor to be a part of your family bonding time. 

Our Philosophy

Our focus is you and your family.  

Client & Family-Centered Care 

We make a commitment to listen and do our best to honor you and your families vision of what a great ultrasound session means to you

Our Excellence

It is important to choose an elective facility that your doctor or midwife supports and endorses. Sneak A Peek 4D Ultrasounds has relationships with many local OBGYN clinics and midwives. In fact, several even partner with us and provide their patients with literature about our services. We meet with members of the medical community throughout the year to talk about ways to best accommodate clients we share.


It has been a great honor to be a large part of the Ultrasound Community. Our team has trained many Sonographers in the St. Louis market to be the best!  We cherish our community. 

Quality and Safety 

You can be confident that you will receive safe, high-quality compassionate care from our team. We have an unconditional commitment to risk prevention. 

Child friendly facility

Medical offices frown upon bringing siblings. However, We encourage the bonding time for big brothers and sisters.