Price Match Guarantee

Sneak A Peek will match any competitors price within a 45 mile radius of our facility.  We want you to have the best 2D/3D/4D/HD experience available by qualified Sonographers that keep you and your baby's safety first. 

 your satisfaction is our highest priority.

Winter Wonders Special
Thru February 2023

Winter Avalanche 4D ultrasound with Heart Beat animal $200 45 min scan 8 black and white photos, 4 color photos 

Grandparents Platinum (Gender Reveal) with  TWO Heart Beat Animals $119  20min scan 4 black and white photos 2 color photos

Sprinkles & Sparkles Monday & Thursday  Special  Get a quick 10 minutes scan including 4 D imaging ( no rescans offered with this package)  Can't beat $65! 2 Black and white Photos


ALL PHOTOs Digitally E-Mailed




PACKAGES  offered at the Fenton location

We offer 2D, 3D, 4D, and High Definition Live Ultrasounds


Weekly heart beat for those anxious moms: 

  • $30 for a 5  minute quick peek which includes position and Fetal Heart Tones.  only 1-2D picture with this package (7 weeks to 40 weeks)  

Transvaginal Ultrasound

  • $40 for 5 minute quick Peek for viability & Dating (4-6 weeks gestational age)

How is my baby? (Peace of mind)

  • $50 for up to 10 minutes of scan time which includes Fetal Heart Tones, measurements, & 2- 2D print of Baby ( 7 weeks to 40 weeks)

He or She  What will I Be? 

  • $65 for up to 15 minutes of scan time which includes gender check, Fetal Heart Tones, Measurements  and up to 3 prints in 2D of baby (15 weeks to 40 weeks)


Sneak A Peek

  • $99 for up to 20 minute session includes gender check, Fetal Heart Tones, Measurements,  with 2D/3D/4D with 2 black and white prints  and  2 color prints of baby with the rest emailed or burned on to your flash drive ( 16 weeks or greater, best images are typically 28-32 weeks)



  • $140 for up to 30 mins including  gender check, Fetal Heart Tones, Measurements, with 2D/3D/4D/HD live with 4 black and white prints and at least  4 color prints  with the rest emailed or burned to your flash drive (16 weeks or greater, best images typically 28-32 weeks)


$165 Gets you :

  • the studio reserved for 1 hour.  Up to 30 guests!!!
  • Pink or Blue Gender Bear with Photo
  • Babies Heart beat recording module for the Gender Bear
  • A 36" Jumbo Balloon filled with confetti to disclose the babies gender 
  • Picture of Guests Using Gender props to guess gender before the Big REVEAL
  • Up to 20 minutes of Scan time including the Gender Reveal, Measurements, with 2 black and white photos and 2 color photos of the baby
  • all images emailed


 *All-Inclusive Package:  $250*

Come in 3 times for a scan at one low price.

Ideal for a first trimester, Second Trimester, and a Third trimester Scan. 

 First trimester get fetal heart tones, measurements, and up to 3  2D prints ($65 value). 

 Second trimester get gender check, fetal heart tones, measurements, and up to 2-2D prints and at least 2 3D print. ($99 value)

 Third trimester get the Mommy Platinum Package ($140 value)  and a Heart Beat Bear included ($40 value).

  This package gets you 25% off any "in-stock" item purchases  made within the store at anytime during your pregnancy.   

Heart bears are sold for $40 with heart tones of your baby included. 25% off bears when purchased with any packaged valued at $99 or higher. One Heart Beat Bear/Animal of choice included with the All-Inclusive Package. Additional animals at 25% off. 

Gender Blood draws are $129. Add expedited shipping for only $20 more.

Sneak A Peek Fenton

Make your appointment with Highly qualified and motivated professionals! 

Please drink about 16-20 ounces of water about 30-45 minutes before your appointment for better visibility.



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